SANS Webcast: Navigating SANS Pen Test Cheat Sheets for Fun and Profit مميزة

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Presentation by: Ed Skoudis

Extra! Extra! Get yer SANS Pen Test cheat sheets here! As you may have noticed, SANS Pen Test Authors and Instructors have been on a tear lately, releasing numerous cheat sheets to help people build valuable skills. Recent releases include topics such as PowerShell, Scapy, Nmap, Metasploit, and a whole bunch more. In this engaging webcast, Ed Skoudis will take you on a tour of some of the most useful tips and ideas of these cheat sheets. Five essential things to know about PowerShell? We got that. The most useful Scapy options at a glance? Got that too. The syntax for Netcat client-to-client relays? Yep. Some late-breaking Metasploit kung fu? Oh yes. Well also look at ways you can use the cheat sheets in your work and we might even go over some useful origami tricks. Ed will also solicit ideas from you on new cheat sheets youd like to see.

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